Saturday, January 15, 2011

New author for the blog!

Hey everyone, my buddy over at The Golden Age of Hip Hop is now joining me over here, so expect to see posts from him and me aswell, hopefully this will amke this site bit more interesting since so far its been me posting random shit haha anyways though figured id give you guys a heads up. With this change we hope to turn this into something bigger than what it is, in the meantime enjoy a funny gif :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Something to think about :p

Heres some funny ass pictures depicting god and all his contradictions, not slamming religion i just find it funny, im sure you can make a set of atheist contradictions aswell... enjoy!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Just waking up, 1:00pm i know im the coolest, packed a bowl ima about to smoke, gymming at 3 (chest day) and then was supposed to go to a work party tongiht but its snowing out so it got cancelled :( was looking forward to meeting some of the hot ass waitresses, and getting to know them a bit more since i work kitchen right now. I got a iinterview tommorow for a inbound call center to deal with hotels, pays good, 40hours/week, no evenings, no weekends, hoepfully i get it so i can pay these bills faster! Just wanna see how everyone is doing? I know im slowly getting back on track been doing alot of research into cracking passwords and sniffing networks, within a couple weeks ill try er out on some local businesses to see whats up.

In the mean time however I'd like to share my favorite song right now that gives me motivation somehow, Kid Cudi is a fav artist of mine as he is the voice of people like me i figure, i love hip hop, dont act gangsta but kinda have attributes towards it i guess, I used to sell drugs small-time, been involved in a beat down, the giving end and grew up with alot of guys that went into coke dealing. Easy now though dont hate on me im still nerd in the core just dont like acting nerdy, heres the song haha, enjoy it!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fuck dem hoes

So couple weeks ago I start my new job, girl im training with is cute so I start talkign to her, she invites me over for drinks that night.... go over for drinks, she has a gay roommate who is going downtown while me and this girl stay in. All good so far, drinking...drinking..chillin and then the gay guys friend shows up and she is fucking smoking, all dressed up for downtown. Anyways were all predrinking at the house for a bit and this bombshell starts saying she knows me from somewhere, and I've never seen her before in my life, i flirt with her a bit not really though since i got this other girl with me but i manage to get the new ones facebook. Me and the girl from my work hook up that night after the other go out, couple days pass and I add this new chick on facebook, shes saying she wants to hang out and everything, so im like bomb right.

She texts me randomly last wensday and says "Sup?" I get talkign to her a bit then drive over to her house, were gonna "watch a movie". I get there we pick a movie and I start asking some questions and shit trying to get to know her, she pops out with a boyfriend card and im just like fuck I drove all the way in here for nothing, she later tells me her boyfriend knows im over so Im like mega fuck. I try anyways, put my arm around her and start playing with her tits, she goes along with it, no hesitation just complete slut i guess, her boyfriend texts her as we start getting into it a bit more, I look at the text you know for some fair warning if anything is going down :P

He said "whats going on? its getting late, im walking over", Im like fuck this, she texts him back while playing with me telling him its all good were almost done the movie, shuts the phone and starts blowing me..... some sex goes by and i got her in doggy and another text, she tells me not to stop and starts texting her boyfriend telling him shell be over late, its like 3am haha.

We finish up, I thank her for the good rump and she starts cleaning up while i just chill and watch the horrible movie (Haunting in Connecticut). I say buy to her she drives off to her boyfriends house i guess and i head home, successful night for me... HOWEVER ive been cheating on and burned in the past as well so I feel bad for the guy, let this be a lesson to all of you readers, girls can be completely unfaithful and id say about 80% of them are always "window shopping". But but but do not get discouraged, theyre are some good girls out there, this wasnt one of them and the guy is better off without her betraying him like that.

btw pic related

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Great White Albino Bud

NUFF SAID!! What kind of shit is everyone smoking on tonight? .... im smoking that M-39 bullshit :(